Monday, December 7, 2015

100 Hour Week

This last week has been so busy! We woke up at 5:30 each day and only did an hour of prep and an hour of study before we went out for the day, then stayed out until 9:30. We made lots of contacts streetboarding, met lots of members and a less active, worked with our investigator, and got a lot done. As I reflected on this past week I saw that the Lord has been teaching me many things. First of all is diligence. I've been wondering a lot about not reaching my goals and what I can improve that will allow me to fulfill them. Christlike attributes that I've focused on a lot since coming on my mission are humility and diligence, and from this past week I saw and learned that diligence and putting our focus, effort, and heart primarily into the work before anything else, we will accomplish our goals. Our vision, which ought to be aligned with our Father's will, should be concentrated on our purpose and the plans and goals we set to accomplish it. These lessons, I believe, were the most valuable part of doing the 100 hour week, because they will make me more effective for the rest of my mission. 

The coolest part of the week was 이상호's baptism. It happened right after church, so most of the ward was there. The speakers welcomed him to the ward, it it was all-around a very joyful experience. One rather unfortunate thing that happened was that the water in the font was too hot right as we were going in, so we had to wait and sing songs while some cold water was pumped in. It's been great working with him, and I've really grown to care and develop Christlike love for him as we have worked with him. 

One thing I've gained a strong testimony of on my mission is the power of the scriptures. I've found that almost all of my prayers are answered by the scriptures. The time I get to spend just studying God's word (Alma right now) is one of the most spiritual and powerful during the day, and as I've learned how to better study and apply the scriptures to myself, I have been immensely blessed. If there are any concerns, doubts, struggles, questions, or trials we have, simply studying the Book of Mormon will help us overcome. Any chapter will do. In fact, nearly any verse would work. Search for an answer and revelation to whatever your specific trial or question may be. The Spirit will be there, and you will obtain a joyful remembrance of our Heavenly Father's love and plan for us. Your testimony of the Savior will be strengthened. These things will bring you joy and remembrance that can overcome anything. The scriptures are an incredible blessing to us, and one of the things I am most grateful for in my life. 

I love you all and hope you are doing well and loving the Christmas season. Elder Jones, you are a great example to me! Keep being awesome!

Evolution of the Nametag

​Thanksgiving dinner: Ordering Chicken. Left to Right: Elder Huckvale, Elder Kim, me, Elder Moore, and our streetboard in the background

Thanksgiving Dinner
​First snow from the apartment window. Didn't stick. 

​Kim bop! (Making Kimchi) 

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