Monday, July 11, 2016

Looking to the Future

This past week I've learned a lot about the importance of looking to the future. I know I talk about Elder Holland's last General Conference talk a lot, but it is just so applicable. We have inspirational meetings, conferences, and experiences in our lives that make us want to change, repent, and live the Gospel of Christ with greater zeal. I've noticed this throughout my whole mission. The desire to do better, to change, and to improve is always there. Sometimes, though, in our day-to-day struggle, it grows faint, or we tend to look behind at things we failed to accomplish and forget about the future. President Sonksen offered this advice that has stuck with me: "Today is the first day of the rest of your mission." A mission, or life in general, is such a great opportunity to learn and grow. It won't come again. Remembering always the person we want to be is important, and we have to keep looking forward, not backward. We need to set long-term goals and remember them every day. 

My new companion, Elder Gildea, is great! He is very diligent, enthusiastic, and committed to getting things done. We've been blessed this week to find lots of people to teach, and I'm excited to be able to bring the gospel to them. We gave a baptismal date this week to Tim, who is progressing super well! He has a very selfless and kind heart. We also met Joey, who is from China. It was way different because he has no prior knowledge or concept of God or any of the things we are talking about. So, we keep it very simple. We are also working with the ward to get a Restoration-themed music night going, which will allow the members to invite their friends and have a spiritual experience. Nokbeon Ward is really great, and the members love the missionaries! This new transfer we've really committed to working hard and doing all we can in this area. 

Have a great week everyone! Love you all! 

Sounds like you are having a great time in Utah! It's really hot here right now, but I'm loving working with Elder Gildea. He loves having fun and has a great attitude all the time. 

Love you all! 
Rain out the apartment door

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