Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Forgetting ourselves

Wang Ju came to church again and we taught him with Branch President Kim. Our branch president is so great! He is a great example to me of selfless and diligent service. He has been serving for three years here under great trials, but is pressing forward with determination. He is always there for the missionaries, too. When we taught with him he said a lot of things Wang Ju needed to hear. We are trying to set a baptismal date for him, but it seems we first need to help him build faith in Christ so that he will make it a greater priority. He is doing well, though, and seems to be reading, praying, and coming to church diligently. Nick wasn't able to come again, but he suddenly decided to refer one of his friends to us on Thursday. This was a great miracle, and we hope it will help both of them strengthen their roots in the gospel further. 

Elder Peterson and I also hope to do a lot of family history proselyting this week. We had a special training up in Gangneung, and Sister Sonksen gave an inspiration training on using the Spirit of Elijah in our work by sharing some stories about ancestors, asking people about their families and ancestors, and introducing them to family search. We really want to take advantage of this blessing to try to help more people obtain interest in the gospel. 

Another thing we learned in training is that nothing we do - planning, personal study, companion study, language study, or activities - should be for us. It all needs to be directed toward others. This is hard to do, especially during studies. But as I have done it I have already noticed my thought more often be drawn to investigators and members. We have better been prepared to receive revelation for them and accomplish more during the day. I feel that when we are prepared to use them, the Lord blesses us with more opportunities. 

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers. 

Wonju is great! My companion played trombone in school and has a lot of similar interests, like reading and music. He is actually leading the branch choir right now. He is form North Carolina, so the hot and humid weather is totally normal for him. He also has a strong testimony and desire to accomplish a lot here, especially the branch. His mom is a writer and may even be getting a book published soon. He is super smart, too. Apparently he finished high school a year early and went to college at SVU. He is really great, and I feel like we work very will together. 

Me, Elder Peterson, Elder Steward, Elder Ryu​

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