Friday, October 7, 2016

It's getting colder.

Things are getting colder here in Wonju! We climbed a mountain today in the pouring rain. I'll send some pictures! 

This week on Thursday we saw a pretty great miracle when we traveled to Yeonsei University to meet a Chinese potential investigator named Peter. When we got there, it turned out he had invited two of his friends to meet with us, as well. We ate with all three of them and shared some basic principles. I really like teaching Chinese investigators because they have no background and little foreknowledge at all of what we are talking about. It reminds me just how precious a knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and us being his children really is. We also introduced the Book of Mormon, though this was a little difficult because we had English and Korean, but they don't quite speak either of these well enough to understand the Book of Mormon. So, we ordered some Chinese ones, and we'll meet them again this Thursday with them. It's probably going to be a very interesting lesson of mixed English, Korean, and Chinese. 

My new companion is Elder Du Plessis! He is from South Africa and is super awesome. He is very kind, patient, and humble. I don't think you could say anything that would ever upset him. He is very desirous to be obedient and to serve. He also can grow beards like crazy and has a cool accent. It's actually very refreshing to meet people on the street and be able to say we are from somewhere other than the U.S., because that is always what they expect. 

This week a spiritual lesson I learned was the importance of trust and courage to follow the Spirit. Thursday morning when we prepared for our investigators, it occured to me that I needed to make sure I had the first vision memorized in English for them. As I was sitting on a bus coming back from Yeonsei I felt like I should talk with the person behind me. Even though it seemed like it would be very awkward on a quite bus, I turned around and said hello. It turned out that he was from New York, and as we talked it was obvious that he was very familiar with church and the Bible. I was able to share the Restoration and the First Vision in English, and he accepted a Book of Mormon. This experience taught me, again, that the Spirit can guide us in what we need to do every day; and, if we will follow it, we will see miracles. 

Have a great week everybody! I actually don't get to see general conference until this next weekend, but I'm looking forward to it. 

Me, Elder Peterson, Nick, Bak Irheung

​View from a restaurant high above Wonju

​Base of Chiak Mountain - random chicken that was wandering around

"Waterfall" (By the way, it was pouring rain.)

​Another Waterfall

​The Peak - in the middle of the cloud

​Rock Tower on the peak - it was actually really cool because the wind was blowing hard and there was so much mist that it was just swirling all around us

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