Monday, December 19, 2016

New Companion

My new companion is great! He's from New Hampshire and is very focused, eager, and energetic. One of the things I like the most is that he is always smiling and happy! We're happy to be working with him. 

Nick leaves next week! We are still meeting but he is basically just busy getting ready to go. We're going to miss him! Besides that we had a great miracle on a bus the other day. We just starting talking to the person next to us, and Elder Horne asked him if had every thought about the purpose of life. The answer was actually, "Yes, a lot." We shared about Christ and the Book of Mormon and gave him one. He seemed very thankful to get it and touched as we got off the bus. He is going on vacation this week, but we hope he will meet missionaries when he comes back! The interesting thing about this is that we didn't actually end up meeting the person we were going to meet, but there always seems to be someone we are intended to meet. 

We caroled to a bunch of members yesterday! It was lots of fun. I enjoyed it, and I hope the members are touched by this Christmas season. We've got a Christmas party coming up that we are getting ready for. We hope to have a lot of people at church on Christmas! 

Have a great Christmas everyone!

​Sunset over Wonju

​Elder du Plessis invented deep-fried Kimchi this week


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