Monday, January 16, 2017

"Seeketh Not Her Own"

We had a very special miracle yesterday evening. We had just finished dinner and were about to go streetboarding when we decided to call just a few people. The thought to call a former investigator came into my mind, who is the only non-member in a less active family. He answered and talked for the first time in several transfers. He said we could come over right then, so we did. We took a temple/family pamphlet with us and talked. Because I've met all the members of his family before, we asked how his family was doing. Then, when we shared the pamphlet with him. The Spirit was powerful as we shared about eternal families, and also a couple verses about faith and planting the seed. He reacted in an amazing way, and agreed to meet again to hear the message again. I sincerely pray and hope that this time the gospel will sink deep into his heart and that it will rekindle the testimonies of his family members.

Also, one of our new investigators, Gyuheong, came to church yesterday! He has a great experience and noted afterward how all the members were very nice, which we are very thankful for. 

As a companionship and individually, we have thought lots recently about the Spirit. The phrase "Seeketh not her own" from Moroni 7 has especially helped me understand how to invite the Spirit better. Too often I rely on my wisdom in what to say. Recently, I have tried taking a step back, listening, and praying. Then I simply speak the thought that the Lord puts into my heart. The result has been enormous, and we have learned better that the Spirit is the true teacher. Regardless of how great or perfect what I think I have to say may be, only the presence of the Holy Ghost can effectually prompt others to change. It is the "record of Heaven," and it is what really distinguishes Christ's church from all others. 

Glad you got some snow! We've just been really cold this week. Enjoy it this week!

I'm not sure if I'm jealous of the snow or not, but its just been really cold we bundle up us much as we can when we go streetboarding. Those ear warmers you sent last year are amazing! 

Also, thanks for the calendar! 

Love you!

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