Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm not quite actually feeling it yet, but this is my last full week in Korea! The tender mercies of the Lord have been with me this week. I was able to go on exchanges to Wonju this week and see some of the members I served with there. I love the members so much, and it was awesome to see them for the last time. When the branch president's family heard I was coming, they brought us a bunch of guaja, Korean snack foods, to say goodbye. It was such a heartwarming experience. 

I also felt one of the greatest tender mercies when I learned that Brother Kim, whom my companion Elder Kimtaewan baptized in Jangwi, has returned to activity! I was told that he had not coming to church for a while, and have tried calling him several times. This week, I got ahold of him. Despite my being a greenie when I first met him, with barely any Korean ability, he remembered my right away. He has also returned to full activity. It was the first time I have actually been able to communicate with him (now that I can actually communicate somewhat in Korean), and I felt so blessed. I went to bed that night feeling so much joy for him and for the missionaries in Jangwi that have been working with him!

Elder Crisp

Elder Choi Conference

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