Monday, January 11, 2016

This week has been the best one of my mission so far! Zone Training was incredibly powerful and spiritual. We were committed to read the 몰몬경 (Korean Book of Mormon) within the next three transfers and get a spiritual witness through the Korean Book of Mormon as well as the English one that it is true. I decided to do that and started over in 1st Nephi. I've been amazed by how much more I can already understand. I've been blessed so much the past few weeks for my language ability to progress in leaps and bounds. The most significant difference in what I personally did had little to do with my language study or efforts. It had everything to do with opening my mouth and trusting in the Lord. 

The following experience may seem very simple, but it has been one of the most profound on my mission in which I have seen the Lord bless me with utterance. Yesterday, while streetboarding, my goal was to change and repent by talking with EVERYONE within my range of streetboarding ability, regardless of whether or not I thought they would respond. I also determined that I would simply stay joyful and enthusiastic regardless of how others responded; I wanted to send that message to everyone I contacted. The result was miraculous; almost the first ten people we talked to stopped for us. Right as we were about to finish, we talked to one more person who was standing off a little aloof from where we were streetboarding. We went up and talked to him, and he was interested and listened to our lesson about the Restoration. He took a Book of Mormon and agreed to meet again. 

On the bus ride back, everyone that sat next to me was actually very willing to talk. I was able to converse with them and leave a message and, hopefully, a seed. When we got back to the house, I was feeling the Spirit more powerfully than ever before in my life. I reflected on how the only change I really made was a decision to not fear to open my mouth. I didn't know what I would say to everyone, but I just made sure to say something. The Lord took care of the rest. There was still a multiplicity of mistakes and things I could have done better, but I felt when I got back that the Lord was pleased with my efforts. Truly, when we simply give all we have to offer, drastically insufficient though it may be, the Lord pours blessings out upon us by the Holy Ghost. Elder Kimtaewan and I then had a very powerful companionship study in which we planned how to teach the whole message of the Restoration in under five minutes, which was another zone commitment. The Spirit was there as we shared and testified of the first vision to each other and sought the best way to teach someone in a very short amount of time.

I was also struck today when I noticed all the people leaving on missions soon from Lolo Ward! A mission is our opportunity to obtain powerful and lasting experiences and knowledge such as that recorded in the scriptures. Thank you all for your great examples! 
​Buying the speaker at e-mart last p-day. Think Walmart with about half the normal length and width, but stacked up on five floors. That's Elder Huckvale. 

Speaker I bought with Grandma's gift money.  Thank you Grandma.  Now I can listen to Conference Talks and Tabernacle Choir in the mornings.

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