Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wow! Lots of changes this next transfer. We don't have transfer meetings any more, for one. Also, Jangwi is becoming a combined district with Gireum again, after just being changed last transfer to being its own district. We are losing a team of elders in Jangwi, and Elder Kim (my companion) and the other Elder Kim (Elder Huckvales's companion) are being transferred out. Elder Huckvale and I will be companions, but a new team won't be coming in. That means we both get our own full-size refrigerator...

Anyway, this past week Elder Kim and I have developed much more unity and ability to teach effectively. We plan together effectively and are very open with each other. I feel we have both progressed a lot this past transfer. I was very surprised at transfer calls when I realized he was already leaving. Though I was very disappointed, I'm very excited to work with Elder Huckvale. Both are very great missionaries and examples. I've learned so much about how to share and grow with our companion openly and effectively. Last weekly planning, Elder Kim Tae Wan felt very assured and confident in our ability to improve. Since then, I've noticed him striving even harder and more powerfully to share our message. We prepared a 5 minute restoration message that is both powerful and effective, and I'm so disappointed we will have few opportunities to continue to share it together! Truly, I'm so thankful for Elder Kim, and especially for his humility, which I believe is one of his strongest attributes. He seeks always to improve and progress and is never content or satisfied with mediocrity. He has a strong testimony of the scriptures and the Savior and a desire to share and serve the Lord and is a great example. 

Anyway, the new investigator we got a couple weeks ago has been pouring over the Book of Mormon. There is so clearly a link between our degree of humility, intent, and ability to feel the Spirit. We were devastated when he called last week and said he can't meet or come to church anymore. Then, suddenly, when church came around, he showed up! I don't know why he called and told us that, but he agreed to meet again like usual, like nothing had happened. We are praying to be able to learn and discern his needs and concerns. 

One small thing I decided to start doing was listening to general conference talks each morning as I prepared for the day. I really only did it to get a bit of a spiritual boost in the morning, but I've found that my testimony and understanding of the importance of having living prophets has grown dramatically. Their testimonies are so powerful, and their teachings and wisdom are a treasure. I've found that I reflect back on their words occasionally when I experience something that makes the truth of their words so clear. What really stuck me is how they say the same things and declare the same truths that prophets from the very beginning have declared. Their words, however, are specific for our time. They provide an anchor against changing values. I know that sounds cliche, but it has become so clear on my mission as I have left the things of the world. Nothing we face in our time is new - perhaps it has just been amplified by technology. The pattern of belief and disbelief in the Book of Mormon so clearly illustrates the same thing we see in the world, in others, and maybe even in ourselves. Prophets are here to ensure that God's truth and light are continually pouring out so that He can make known His love and plan to us.

Hope you all have a great week and remember the Savior throughout it! Love you. 

P.S. I love reading you messages Elder Jones! Your experiences are such an example to me. Keep it up!

Around the world Ping-Pong on P-Day. Elder Kimshihyun, Elder Huckvale (my new companion!), Elder Kimtaewan (my current companion), and me.   ​

​The side-by-side language study method. Actually works pretty well.

Jangwi Church Building

Just a random picture.

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