Monday, February 29, 2016

​Bishop Baengjaewon took us out for lunch today

Map of Seoul Mission
Transfer calls came! I'm leaving Seoul and heading way east to Taebaek. So excited! I've heard it's high in the mountains, freezing, and beautiful, so I'm looking forward to it. Apparently the branch only has about twenty people or so, so it will be a big change. My new companion's name is Elder Dye. 

Anyway, serving in Jangwi has been awesome. The ward and members are awesome. Some profound things I've noticed in the past week have revolved around members. In district meeting, the zone leaders talked about how we can sometimes be caught up in the stress and business of our work and forget to take joy in it. Sometimes, we need a reminder that the reason we are here at all is because our message is one of joy and rejoicing. We exist to be happy. 

Satan tries to convince us that the natural, carnal desires of this life are happiness. He even tries to discourage virtues of patience, temperance, charity, and all other Christlike attributes. Ultimately, however, we know that obedience to the commands and instructions of Him who knows all things brings the greatest joy and safety for eternity. Despite Satan's best efforts, I noticed this week that those members who appear the most happy and joyful with their lives are the ones that with the greatest diligence and zeal seek to follow Christ, particularly in spreading His word and serving His children. It is important for us to realize that hard work and following the straight and narrow path, especially through repentance, does not mean all work without fruit or joy until we finally have endured to the end and reached the gates of eternal life. Rather, pouring out our souls in the Lord's work brings the most profound and deep joy we can experience in this life and in the next. It does require more on our part than the counterfeit joys of Satan. But, I testify that it is more than worth it.

When we recognize and praise the Lord for all the blessings we have received from obeying His commandments, we receive this joy. This joy increases the zeal with which we seek to accomplish the Lord's will and lose our own. As we do this, we are further blessed and prospered. The moment we feel to follow our own will or whims, however, this joy is diminished. What we want for ourselves will never be as good as what our Father, who has all knowledge, wants. That is why humility is so important and pride so destructive.

Thank you for your messages! Love you all. 

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