Monday, February 15, 2016

This past week we had p-day & record organizing, New Year's conference, and Deep Cleaning day. That took a big chunk out of chances to do other activities, so outside of meeting with our recent converts, a couple members, and a less active, we haven't done a lot. This week, though, we are hitting the ground running. The past week has been very inspiring, in large part because of the very spiritual conference we had. Another really great part, though, was when I met with Elder Kimhanjung, the AP, for passing of Certified Teacher in the mission's language progression program. He talked about the importance of setting goals and specific, effective plans in everything we do. It was exactly what I needed to learn and apply. Though I had goals and plans, he showed how to actually directly implement them in the most effective and beneficial way. When he said we were going to work on a proselyting approach, I thought we were going to just practice together, but he actually took us outside to use it in real life. It made such a difference to already know and have a plan for how I would introduce our message. I realized that, in everything we do, a specific goal, planning, and preparation is required in order for us to see the great outcome we desire. When I see a need for improvement, I need to decide exactly how and what I will do better, then do it. It seems so simple, but it makes a profound difference. 

I've also been struck recently in the Book of Mormon by the principle of preparation set by Captain Moroni. His efforts to fortify, strengthen, and prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually for the Lamanites is what worked such a great miracle. In one battle, over a thousand Lamanites were killed, but not a single Nephite. Though no doubt difficult and troublesome to go through all the effort Moroni did, it was because of this that they were spared. Preparing in every way we can is what will bring success and miracles. Diligent preparation seems, to me, to be very related toward overcoming the natural man. When we seek to be vigilant in every possible way, overcoming our tendency to procrastinate or consider something not needful enough to worry about, we become far stronger. Zarahemnah and the Lamanites attributes Moroni's success to his wisdom and preparation, but not to God. However, ultimately, a diligent of follower of Christ will seek in all ways to be prepared at all times for whatever comes their way. Thus, it is because of Him and His teachings that these things occurred.

Thanks for your messages and I hope you all have a great week! 

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