Monday, June 27, 2016

Elder Yamashita Mission tour

Elder Yamashita from our area 70 came for a mission tour on Wednesday. He gave a training about all kinds of parts of missionary work. It was such an incredible and uplifting experience, and afterward I felt so ready to change everything to be a better servant of the Lord. One of my favorite themes of the meeting was about attitude. He reminded us that our attitude and our thoughts should constantly be directed toward others. Daily planning, personal study, companion study, language study, and teaching should be focused on our investigators and others. On the street or any time in between, we should think of our investigators. Also, we should always smile. We should compliment and seek to uplift others. We should show kindness and impart of God's love through our actions, words, and character. What has helped me the most is to try to apply thinking of others more. Throughout any part of the day, rather than letting my mind wander or become centered on myself or what I'm doing, I've tried letting it rest upon my investigators, companion (our greatest and most important investigator), and members. It has made such a difference. Frustration, fatigue, heat, fear, or anything else leave when our thoughts and actions turn outward. Blessings flow in greater abundance when we become a channel for them to flow from God unto others. 

We are really excited for one of our investigators, a 20-year old with the English name Jimmy, who accepted a baptismal date! He is peculiarly good at English, because his only experience in an English-speaking country was 6 months in the Philippines. He has a lot of interest in the unique doctrines of our church, and we hope and pray he will find answers and see the significance of it in his life as he reads and prays about the Book of Mormon. 

Thanks for your messages! I love you all!

Seoul Tower

Views from Seoul Tower

Oh, by the way - all the city in the background is our area, Nokbeon!

This is the peak we climbed

​On the trail

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