Sunday, June 12, 2016

Korean Barbecue

This week to break the Sunday fast we went to a member's house and had Korean Barbecue, which was delicious! We stood around a table outside while the member barbecued Korean Bacon (which doesn't taste anything like American Bacon, but is super delicious). A normal way to eat that in Korea is to wrap it in a lettuce leaf with some rice and sauce and maybe kimchi. So good! Also, weirdly, there were mashed potatoes there. Never seen anyone have mashed potatoes here, but there were really good too. 

This week I've learned so much about the importance of humility when we are striving to improve. As I keep wondering how I can be a better teacher, finder, companion, and a more Christlike person in general, I often come back to humility. The scriptures and the Mormon Message that describe the Refiner's fire and Christ as our refiner have helped me a lot. All of the conditions of this life - freedom to chose, opposition, knowledge, mortality, trials, commandments, laws, the enticings of the Spirit and the enticings of Satan, and most importantly redemption through Christ - create the probationary state that we all came here to experience. We are all precious in the Lord's hands, and we are here to experience the heat of sorrow, trouble, and affliction so that we can be refined into more great and precious souls. We will experience the heat of the refiner's fire, but it is actually up to us to become soft and moldable. We have our agency to do so. Our hearts must be soft, and our willingness to submit to what the Lord wants will determine how greatly our Savior, who knows us perfectly, can shape us into what we care here to become. Last zone meeting, one of the zone leaders commented on something like this. The hotter and hotter the heat of affliction grows, the deeper Christ's name can be written in our hearts. 

As I've thought about this in context of the rest of the Plan of Salvation, and the more I see how great and perfect then plan our Father in Heaven has for us, the more I want to give back a broken heart and a contrite spirit so that His name can be written on it. It is the Savior, the refiner of our souls, who has the merits and the power to redeem us from our mistakes and make us a little better.

Thank you all! Love you!

Me and Elder Carmen

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