Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Random Miracle

A miracle I saw this week was actually a little different than usual. I accidentally left by bag with money, credit card, camera, and my scriptures in it at a proselyting spot yesterday. I didn't realize that until I got home, so we hurried and took a taxi back, saying a quick prayer to find it, but it wasn't there. Fortunately, just a few minutes after planning started, the zone leaders called and asked if someone was missing a camera. Apparently a police officer found the bag, saw the Book of Mormon and pamphlets, looked up the church online, and found the phone number for the zone leaders and called them. It was such a relief and an answer to prayer. We went and picked up the bag this morning. 

We also had a big 2-zone English Class Talent show at Nokbeon ward on Friday. A bunch of people were there, and it was lots of fun. Our English Class/district performed a traditional Korean story called Heongbu/Norbu, which is about selfishness vs. selflessness. It went really well, and the night was really fun. Nokbeon ward has some awesome members and great actors, too. I also realized that literally almost everyone in the ward speaks English, and lots of them speak it really well. Seems to be a theme among people in the church here...interesting. 

Anyway, thanks for all your messages! Love you so much! Have a great week.
​From one hour ago - we are going to visit some Buddhist temples from the same mountain I sent them from last fall. BTW, it is now in our area, so we don't even need permission to visit it! We are in the subway station.

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