Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The way of Escape

This week we saw a great miracle when our investigator showed up for a lesson with a less active member from California. They were both going through a hard time, so he brought him hoping that we would be able to help him. Despite being less active and having some issues he was dealing with, this member had a very strong testimony and solid knowledge. The investigator also talked about a bunch of the things he himself was going through and his desire to overcome some of the Word of Wisdom problems he struggles with. The lesson got particularly emotional when he talked about the family issues it has causes him. We got the opportunity again to testify that Christ could help them through and give them power to overcome temptation and weakness and to repent. This is the same investigator that we found a couple weeks ago miraculously just as he was about to get in his car. He approached us, said he'd met missionaries before, and that he'd been thinking about us and wanted to meet again. I'm so thankful for the miracles the Lord has put in place for him to find the way of escape from his trials and difficulties, and that he has chosen to start along that path. The Savior is that way, and it is all we can do to bring Him to the hearts of others. 

The Sisters had a baptism yesterday, which was great! It was a part-member family of which the father had been a little less-active. He baptized his wife and will baptize his daughter, soon, too. It was very spiritual and an awesome experience! The missionaries sung a few special songs for it, and it was great. 

If anyone is wondering, here are a few of the foods I have eaten that you might not find in the U.S. - Intestine soup, pig feet, mud fish...actually I can't think of any more right now, but I'll try to write them down. The pig feet was great, the intestine soup was good, and the mud fish was okay...As for Korean, it's progressing steadily. I can think of a way to say most of what I want to say, but listening is still the hardest part. 

Thanks for all your messages! I love hearing how everyone is doing. Love you!

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