Monday, May 2, 2016

So Many Miracles!

This week we've had the Lord's blessings poured out upon us. We were walking to find a less active in another part of the area when a member we work with a lot texted us and asked us to bring a hymnbook. We turned around to go get it, and on the way we found someone who was about to hop in their car, who actually approached us. He said he'd met missionaries before and had been thinking about them recently and wanted to meet him again. So, we set up an appointment for later that day. We didn't actually meet until Thursday, but when we met it was such a spiritual lesson. We taught him the restoration, and he expressed desire to quit smoking. Teaching someone who was prepared by the Lord for us already is such a humbling and incredible experience. 

Later that week we received a call from someone else who had also met missionaries before and wanted to meet again. When we met, it was very clear he had been thinking a lot about this. He said he wanted to be baptized, but has a certain difficulty he needs to overcome first. We assured him that, through Christ, he would certainly be able to overcome it. 

We also received 3 unplanned referrals this week, which is a miracle by itself. We are working to get a recent convert we have been meeting regularly, who has a super strong testimony, to the temple for baptisms. He already has a family name prepared and has been outside the temple before. He is progressing a lot and has recently developed a strong desire to have his family be a part of the gospel with him. It's amazing how even just being near and being taught about the temple has really helped him realize the importance of having a Christ-centered family. 

So many awesome things happening! I've felt the importance this week of putting myself out there to listen to people more sincerely and diligently and offer more praise for commitments that have been kept. When people are trying, in all sincerity, to change their lives, some praise and encouragement goes a long way. Having an attitude of seeking to uplift, help, and inspire people is important and, like Christ did in his ministry, reaches out and touches their hearts. 

Thanks for your messages and testimonies everybody! Have a great week! 

​Pictures from a P-day. Super windy day, for which I blame the bad hair.

​HUGE church! (Not one of ours) It's that whole stadium

​Just some park

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