Monday, May 23, 2016

Week of Endurance

 Transfer calls! Elder Carmen and I are both staying for another transfer. 

This week has been pretty difficult and slow. Our investigators either couldn't meet or didn't respond to calls, and besides that it seems like nothing went according to plan. I find myself again and again reflecting on Elder Holland's council from last general conference. We really seek to do the right thing each day, and we feel like we should find success and rewards immediately. When that doesn't happen, however, I've learned we have a great opportunity both to build patience and to reflect on what we can be doing better. 

This week I've thought a lot about humility. I heard a talk from a past general conference, I'm not sure from whom, which said that humility is the recognition that we can't change anybody. Throughout missionary work, we learn again and again that this work isn't about us. We can only bring the Spirit, the true converter. We do that through obediently submitting our will to our Father in Heaven's will. This isn't always easy, especially when we are thoroughly convinced that we are right. But the humility necessary for this submission can come through remembrance. When I reflect on the times I have most powerfully seen the Lord's hand in my life, I recognize just how little my own efforts can accomplish. In giving us direction, Heavenly Father doesn't seek to take away our agency - rather, He shows us the path by which we can find the most joy and success. As missionaries, we can't bring about faith or repentance by ourselves, because those things can only be accomplished when the Lord's hand is at work. 

Thanks for all your love and messages! I hope and pray everyone back home who is struggling will find strength and comfort. Love you all!

Temple P-Day

​Look who I found on Temple P-day!

​Biking! Elder Manwaring and Elder Carmen behind me

Biking the Han River

​Biking - Elder Collins and Manwaring behind me

​Panorama of the Seoul South Mission on the other side of the Han River

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  1. This was very moving and so well written. You are really expressing the true purpose of missionary work. Know you are in the right frame of mind for great things to happen, maybe not right now but someday. Keep doing what you're doing as you are right in all you've expressed.


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