Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello! Sounds like everyone is doing awesome. That's great. The language is going great. Steady improvement each day. I can understand a lot of the words people use, and depending on how fast they are talking, I can understand the grammar. That's the hard part, especially when people say super long sentences. 

Mother's Day! Skype! If I Skype on the Monday after Mother's day at 8 AM, that should be the same time of day as it was on Christmas, except it will actually be Mother's day in the U.S. Does that work? 

Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all! 

Elder Carmen is fantastic! He is from Michigan and has a brother who served in Brazil and an older sister. He is one of the most charitable and sincere people I have ever met. When he prays and talks about our investigators or the people we are working with, it is so clear how deeply concerned he is for them and how desirous for their salvation. He constantly expresses his love for others. I've learned a lot about the importance and blessings of charity from him. It really does overcome all fear or anything else. 

This week we had an amazing experience in Dunkin' Donuts, of all places. We are teaching an investigator who has just has some really hard things come up in his life. He expressed these things to us when we met. Clearly, things have been weighing on his mind this past week. Elder Carmen and I both testified of Christ and how He had suffered everything, including physical pains and struggles, for all of us. Thus, he knows exactly how to help us and give us what we need. The scripture that tells us that all are edified when we teach by the Spirit rung true that day. 

D&C 50

 21 Therefore, why is it that ye cannot understand and know, that he that receiveth the word by the Spirit of truth receiveth it as it is preached by the Spirit of truth?

 22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

I know the Spirit guided our words, because the power of the Spirit that came as we talked to him was amazing. I even looked around at the other people in the restaurant, wondering if anyone else was feeling it. I know it effected our investigator, too, because he suddenly showed up at church on Sunday! It was so surprising to see him walk through the doors in the morning. There is so much from this experience that I can learn from, but above everything else, it is clear that teaching by the Spirit really is the only way to teach of Christ. 
​Nokbeon, just outside the house.

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