Monday, April 18, 2016

Well, it's definitely springtime in Seoul! Nokbeon has way more people that my other two areas. It's also a pretty big area with a big ward - one of the biggest in Korea, I think. 

Elder Carmen is great! He is very sincere and has a lot of charity for the people we teach. He's from Michigan. So glad to be working with him!

I noticed Elder Jones' picture of the trees with cherry blossoms. Korea has lots of those too - but, unfortunately, they had just started budding in Taebaek, but are already gone in Seoul, so I may have missed seeing them in that fully white stage. That's okay, though, because spring feels great. It's perfect whether to be outside right now!

We had a pretty great miracle this week as we were going to do some streetboarding. On the way, we stopped a person on the street to talk to him. Almost before we said anything, he asked if we had some proof or evidence about God. He meant that in a totally sincere and honest way. He told us he had prayed for a long time, most of his life, in fact, about God. He had even spent over eight hours praying once, and was starting to struggle with doubt over whether or not God was there. He was so clearly led to us. We shared our message and testimonies with him. He really liked us, so he bought us some slushies. 

Nokbeon also has a lot of awesome members and other people we are working with. We actually have an English speaking investigator who, though I've not met him yet, is super sincere and desirous to be baptized. There's lots do to here, and we've been so blessed to be able to do it! 

I've learned a lot this week, especially from Elder Carmen, about making sure we are taking joy in the gospel and in our work. My first ward mission leader in Korea told us every week that we should always be smiling, because the gospel and the Spirit are meant to make us happy. This is good, because it's really easy to get caught up in business of our work that we don't take joy in it. While working hard, we can always choose to be joyful and positive. Ultimately, if we aren't happy or smiling, we aren't really feeling the Spirit or living the message like we should. The purpose behind our purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ is joy. So, be happy! 

Love you all! Have a great week! 

Hello! It's been a great week. It's nice and warm in Seoul, and it sounds like it also is in Montana. Looks like Nichole is having a great Spring - prom, England, drivers licence, etc. Time is going so fast. There's only about three months left of school, right? Then you're a senior! 

Nokbeon is great. The building is about the size of the Lolo ward building, but the chapel is actually bigger. And it has real pews for the first time. It's also way bigger (as in bigger and higher buildings) and busier than my other two areas. 

​Throwing coins into a good luck thing

The first few blossoms coming up on just one tree

​On the bus back to Seoul. 

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