Monday, April 11, 2016

I'm headed back to Seoul already.

I'm going back to Seoul already! On Wednesday I will go to Nokbeon. It's the big-city part of Seoul, too, with a ward the size of Lolo ward. It'll be a big change, but I'm super excited! 

This week has been, for me, a peak spiritually illuminating experience. Zone training, a workshop, and and all the talks in general conference fit together so well. I've learned so many things that I can't possibly right them all right now, or even remember them all. But after 15+ hours of spiritual outpouring, what struck me was the simplest of things. Everything points to Christ. Everything that was spoken and which the Spirit testified of was about Him. He is the cornerstone of every blessing ever promised, the means and end of our eternal life, our hope, our faith, and our foundation. We need Him so much, and we need the Spirit to really bring this truth not just to our minds, but to our hearts and souls. 

That being said, Elder Holland's talk seemed as though he were talking directly to me, in answer to my own fears and concerns. I, for one, know and have experienced that it is hard to maintain the level of spiritual strength and determination through the days ahead that we obtained during such a great outpouring of the Spirit. His words were some of the most comforting and humbling that I've ever heard. God loves you. Don't just know it, but believe it. Feel it in your mind, heart, and soul. Christ is your Savior and your Good Shepherd. He will always be there for you. Come to feel that also in your heart, mind, and soul, and rely on Him every hour of every day, patiently persevering when mortal weaknesses trip us up or when our determination runs thin. Then, with that power and joy filling your heart, mind, and soul, turn outward. Serve Him again with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, and you will stand blameless before Him. You will have the strength and power He offers, which is perfect, flawless, and wonderful. 

That is what the Spirit taught to me this past week. I hope everyone else had an equally great general conference. Thank you for your messages and service! I know Christ is our Savior and that He came and suffered all things for each of us individually. He knows us individually and will reach down, pick us up, and strengthen each of us individually. He came and restored His gospel through Joseph Smith, through which we can partake of His blessings of eternal families and eternal life and joy. Have a great week!

Elder Dye, me, Sister Kimgyesuk, Suster Guseonga, Suster Svobadova, Elder Welling, Elder Barr​

Sister Kimgyesuk took us out for lunch about 1 hour ago. We had mud fish soup, which apparently means they take mud fish and blend them, then make a soup. It was pretty good. 

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