Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016/07/31--Simple Truth

This week has been great! We weren't able to meet with Jimmy, who is on vacation, or Tim for most of this week, who is also on a trip. But, were were able to meet with some others pretty unexpectedly that we were able to teach. Also, the Bishop here in Nokbeon has a goal to get eighty active youth coming by the end of the year, so we've started focusing on how we can help him accomplish that. Other than that, we've tried spending time visiting members and finding new investigators.

On Friday, though, President Sonksen's mission president from when he was a missionary here, President Brown, came and spoke to all the missionaries. It was an incredible meeting, especially when we learned about the impact President Brown had in Korea when he was here. A lot of what he did had a huge impact on the history of the church in Korea, and he shared some incredibly powerful stories, like being part of the first stake organized in Korea. He talked about how the first missionaries in Korea, who started their missions in a time when Korea was in dire circumstances after the Korean war. People lived in cardboard houses with roofs made of flattened soda cans. People were so eager to meet with the missionaries that they never had time to proselyte - they were just always teaching and setting more appointments. It was super interesting and enlightening to see how the church as it is today came to be, and see how Korean history has made it what it is right now.

As we meet new investigators and talk with people on the street, we usually teach the Restoration lesson more than any other lesson. This week, a lot of people opposed the idea of a restoration, the Book of Mormon, and such. It has occurred to me as I continue to teach, testify, and invite, over and over again, just how significant the promise in Moroni 10 is. There is no end to the doubts people can express about it, but the fact that the whole matter is so readily, simply, and easily resolved that it shows Heavenly Father's love even more powerfully. If you want to know, all you have to do is to read it and ask Heavenly Father if it is true. Heavenly Father does love His children, and he wants all of them to know about Him and His truths. A witness of the Book of Mormon, and answer from God, certainly resolves any doubt our concern about the truth of the restoration. First, you must just desire to know.

Thanks for your emails and messages! Have a great week everyone!

This is Jimmy

Not sure if I've sent this one yet - left to right - Tim, me, Lee Dongseon, Elder Manwaring, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Carmen, Jeoung Suhyeong, Sister Mun Hyejee, Sister Park, and Sister Cameron

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