Sunday, August 28, 2016


Wonju is awesome! There is a lot to do here to build the branch, and I'm so grateful for Elder Peterson's commitment to do everything we can for the people here. I looks like we have a lot of great people to be working with. So far, I have met Wang ju, who is pretty golden. He has a sincere desire and humility to find truth. He said he would come to church, too! The branch had an American-style barbecue last Saturday, put on by the mission's senior couples and President and Sister Sonksen. Everything was from the U.S. (bought from the base), so it was a genuine American barbecue with hot dogs, potato salad, chips, baked beans, and jello. The members seemed to like it a lot. There, I met Nick, another one of our investigators. He is fluent at English and really cool. Elder Peterson and I have plans this week to meet some of the part-member families and less actives here, as well as visit the members. 

I've learned recently about the importance of diligence with prayer and seeking revelation. The Lord wants us to take great care with the things that he gives us. Kind of like the parable of the talents. When we feel impressed to do something or learn something from scripture study, it is important that we apply it, grow it, and develop it in every way we can. The more we "arouse our faculties" and strive to follow Christ's example, the greater the witness, knowledge, and revelation we will receive. Through our diligence, we show that we can be trusted with more. 

Thanks for your messages and support! It means a lot to me. Love you!

Wonju is great! It is a little cooler than Seoul, but I think everywhere is cooling down now, so it might just be the timing. Elder Peterson is great! He has a lot of faith and is doing a lot for Wonju Branch. He is from North Carolina and played trombone in high school. He is pretty big into music, and is actually leading the branch choir each week. He's been in Korea for 11 transfers, which are each six weeks. I am on my ninth. He is also SUPER good at Korean. 

There is so much going on at home! There must be a lot of grass now. How do you water it all?
Our apartment window! 18th floor!

​Elder Steward, Ryu, Peterson, Me

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