Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to the Countryside

Transfer calls came! I am going back out to the countryside again, to an area called Wonju, which is next to Taebaek. Instead of 30,000, though, it will be 300,000, so I guess "countryside" is relative. Anyway, I'm super excited! I've loved serving in Nokbeon and I've learned a lot here. I'm grateful especially for the investigators that I've taught and working with Elder Carmen and Gildea. My new companion's name is Elder Peterson.

As I thought about my time here in Nokbeon, and how I could improve and do better in Wonju, I found that what I remembered was not the planning, working, proselyting, or any of the other stuff we do as missionaries. My thoughts were about the people, and particularly whether or not they had come unto Christ. My goal for Wonju is to serve with this in mind, and every night, to ask myself, "Have I brought anyone unto Christ today?" Then I can better keep my destination in mind - not just to teach a lesson, to learn Korean, to learn more members names, but to actually love them enough to reach further out to the hearts of every person, and to more people each day, to bring them the Spirit. 

We have had a bunch of meals with members come up since Sunday when the leaving missionaries gave their farewell talks, and tomorrow is temple p-day, so we're pretty packed right now, which is great. Hopefully I can meet Brother Samuel, the less-active we are working with, Tim, and a couple other members before I go. Unfortunately Jimmy is still on a trip, but he is in good hands!

Thanks for your messages, faith, and prayers. Love you all! 

​Lunch today - seafood Jambbong! Elder Gildea, me, Elder Brown

​It was super good!

​Brother Yun took us there today. He is awesome!

​There was shrimp, octopus, mussel, and clam - here is the remnant

​Nokbeon living quarters with Elder Brown

​Me, Elder Bradshaw, and Brother Lee, our awesome English Class Coordinator

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