Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This week Elder Diamante, our zone leader, came down to Wonju for an exchange. This was a really cool opportunity for both of us, because he served in Wonju for a large part of his mission. We taught Nick, who was originally Elder Diamante's investigator, as will as the branch president. It was clear just from the way these two wanted to see him and spoke with him how much charity he had for them. In Korea, a common way to refer to others of different age with whom you have a strong relationship are "older brother" and "younger brother," and Elder Diamante certainly had that relationship with these two. It is amazing to see the difference that charity makes in others. When we honestly and genuinely care about the happiness of others, it is a powerful force for trust and change. 

Consider the unconditional love of a parent. What do we, as children, actually do that earns us this kind of love? It is actually very strange to think about. Why do they love us? We certainly don't contribute much in return for life and everything that we have ever been given. The only answer can be that it comes from God. Hence, the scripture in John 13:35 - "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." The source of love is our Father in Heaven, most powerfully manifest in His Son. Therefore, the most powerful manifestation of our discipleship to Him is in our love for others, and I have seen the difference that that love can make. 

This week, Nick will be in Seoul, so we may not have much chance to meet with him. We are getting ready for Christmas already, and are excited to do 25 days of service. Sharing the Savior's love by service can change hearts, so we hope to change some hearts!

Have a great week everyone!

​Cheese Ddeok Donkaus (probably romanized wrong) - definitely not traditional Korean food, but super delicious!

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