Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We slipped into the negatives this week (in Celsius)! Been cold, but we've seen lots of success. As a district we are getting going on all the Christmas stuff! Christmas streetboarding, Christmas music practice, Christmas planning, etc. 

This week Nick was in Seoul to see his family, so we haven't been able to meet with him. He is moving to Canada soon, so we are just praying for the opportunity to keep meeting with him till then. Other than that we found a new investigator who actually approached us first last week. He attends church quite diligently, but is very open and interested to hear our message. 

I thought I might share something great I learned about overcoming pride: we should strive to recognize it in ourselves, but not focus to much on the pride in ourselves. After all, the longer we keep spending thinking about how prideful our humble we are, the longer we are spending still thinking about ourselves. We just to to act, to forget ourselves and go to work! That means serving, uplifting, sharing, and simply striving to make others happy. By continually thinking that way, then acting that way, the service and love for others will become part of our habits, then our character. Pride will disappear among our good works. 

Love you all! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 

This week we visited the historic town center of Wonju

​First snow in Wonju and the first time Elder du Plessis has seen snow!

​Went to a member's house yesterday and had this delicious tangsuyeuk.

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