Monday, November 14, 2016

This week we saw many miracles, including finding and teaching two less active members. One of them was quite a miracle, because we arrived at the house when the mom had just stopped by for a few minutes. We were then able to teach her and invite here to take the lessons, which she hasn't agreed to yet, but seemed interested. 

Another great miracle was meeting our investigator three times with members. Nick is struggling a bit to learn and understand, and I've seen just how valuable and important it is for us to have members there who can more clearly explain some things, especially the difficult language of the Book of Mormon. He didn't come to church, but we plan to invite him again and teach him to keep the Sabbath Holy. Hopefully, this week, he will be progressing again! 

These two experiences reminded me of the truths that Elder Bednar taught about praying in faith as well as Elder Yamashita's story about the missionary with a prosthetic leg who was called to a bike-riding mission. Sometimes, it is difficult to see or believe that we can accomplish something. But when that missionary received his call, his response was quite amazing. Rather than simply pray for the strength to accomplish what had been asked of him, he acted. He started working his legs on bikes and preparing to be able to do it. He sought for a way, not for an immediately resolution. Nephi 3:7 teaches us that when the Lord commands, he provides a way. Faith includes praying to act as we know we should and then acting with all faith to accomplish the things that have been asked. 

This week, we spent a couple hours searching for less actives in a place a little south of Wonju. The first building was a cliche abandoned building, which spiders and webs covering the whole thing. We spent a long time searching for the next one with just an old address (the system has been updated) and directions that it should be somewhere in front of the college. We something in Korea we call less active "hunting," because all you can do is try to follow a series of numbers and addresses that are often not written on houses and don't follow a clear pattern, so you do a lot of wandering. We finally found it, though, just at the time that the member had come home for just a few minutes. Despite the odds, the Lord had provided a way that was unknown unto us until the moment we got there. Hopefully we will be able to meet again and start teaching the family again. 

​Elder Bednar conference - I am in the top left area 

​Elder Bendar Conference, outside. I don't know where I am

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