Sunday, March 19, 2017


Transfer calls came! I've been in Wonju for five transfers, and now I'm going to Gangnung, over by the ocean. I'll be with Elder Song Seokmin. I've been there a lot already for zone conferences and such, so I'm excited to be serving there! I'm also very sad to be leaving Wonju. I've spent so much time working with the members here, and it's hard to say goodbye. And, as it turns out, I guess it is literally hard to say goodbye. In probably my worst Korean mistake, when I intended to say in my farewell talk, "I'll never forget you," I accidentally said, "I'll never remember you." So that's kind of unfortunate, but it gave everyone I laugh. I'm sure they'll never let me forget it. Oh well, I guess we have to be humbled sometimes. 

What we've been doing this week has mostly been finding and finding. We weren't able to meet the investigator who has already read the whole Book of Mormon, but we did find a new 78 year old investigator who was able to tell us about the Korean War and all sorts of other historical things. For now he mostly has English interest, but he said he will, bit by bit, be reading the Book of Mormon. Also, because school vacation has ended, our English class exploded in membership this week. We also hope to invite some potentials from that to learn more. 

​Me, Elder Horne, and the Park family

​Me and Elder Horne in the historic province capital building

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