Monday, March 20, 2017


Today we are going to Seoul...bus leaves in about 25 minutes so I've got to be quick. 

Gangnung is great! I've not seen the ocean yet, but the city is great. Lots of people, and several investigators. Three of them came to church! That was fantastic. I'm only meeting them for the first time, but I'm really excited. We also found three new investigators this week! I'll let you know about Huang first. She is someone that the sister missionaries met on the street. Because the is deaf and communicate through sign language, the sisters prayed that she would be able to learn the gospel. Then, my companion, Elder Song showed up, who knows sign language. I haven't taught her yet, but I met her at the Relief Society anniversary party and at church. She's really great and seems very sincere!

​Elder Song with our new (giant) container of red pepper sauce. 

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