Sunday, March 5, 2017

2/28/17--Elder Holland's visit

The highlight of this week was the incredible visit from Elder and Sister Holland, accompanied by President and Sister Whiting and Elder and Sister Choi from the area presidency. It was a life changing two hours. Before Elder Holland spoke, President Whiting said, "From this point on, your mission can change. From this point on, you can be different." Those words stuck with me as I listened to Elder Holland. I can't express everything I learned, but some of the most powerful impressions came when he said thunderously that "it matters that He lives!" Some things that went along with that were, "I don't think you have any idea what you are doing here." I guess one would have to be there to actually get the feel of what he was saying, but the lesson was that no one really understands how important our just how significant the work of the Lord is. 

I wish I could explain better the things I felt when Elder Holland spoke, but it did change me. I want now to declare to everyone, in words that they can understand (Elder Holland shared the story of Nicodemus in talking about this), that Christ lives and what it means to them. Sometimes, he said, we just don't grasp what we have until we are pushed to the edge - to death, to tragedy, or the like. Me and Elder Horne have increased our efforts to bring this message of joy and life more faithfully to others. 

Other than that, we've been blessed with lots of people to meet and teach. When the AP, Elder Nam, came and did exchanges with us, we had a miracle referral from a less active. This person has already read the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price. He knows all about the church and the story of Joseph Smith. He says he believes it is true, but he lacks an understanding, it seems, of what that actually means. We find people willing to meet often who believe that all religion is good and acceptable. We'll teach him the significance of God's restored authority and of apostasy. 

Have an amazing week!

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