Monday, May 1, 2017


This week with Elder Paulsen has been great! He is super hardworking and loves to just go out and get things done. We've found some really great people together. Among them were two men from Nepal. We met them on the street sometime last week, and yesterday they called and wanted to meet. We were both stunned by the sincerity and purity they had. Basically, they said they just wanted to learn a little about Christ. They said they had tried praying before. They are such a great example of honest desire to know a little more about what this life is about. We gave them a Plan of Salvation pamphlet in Nepali and have a Book of Mormon coming. 

Sister Huang is meeting with the sisters and is doing well! If all goes according to plan she will be baptized and confirmed in the coming weeks. 

So, this is a cool story that taught me a little bit about judging. We have an English-interest investigator that we have met a couple times who came to church yesterday. When he showed up, it was clear that he had been drinking quite a bit, so we were a little worried about that. After Sacrament Meeting, we were planning to just tell him he could go home, but the branch mission leader basically said, "No, its okay. Have him come to Gospel Principles class." So, we did, and Brother Ryu, the branch mission leader, taught the Plan of Salvation to him. During that meeting, we learned so much more about him than we did before. He said the reason he came to church was because he had felt something when we showed him the Easter Video a couple weeks back. He also said he remembered a parable we had shared when teaching about why God allows suffering to occur. When all was said and done, we saw so much much humility and potential that before had just been, "Uh-oh, he's been drinking." We've got a ways to go with him, but our hopes are high!

I hope you are all happy and having a great Spring!

I love you so much! Hope you are having a great spring in Montana.

Do I need a specific Ecclesiastical Endorsement for BYU?

Elder Paulson is great! He is extremely hard working and has a get-it-done attitude. He is very good and talking with others and thinking outside of the box. He is from Utah and also came out right out of high school. We were actually in the MTC together for a little while, so he is only one transfer behind me. He is lots of fun and likes to do things outside. He likes golf and Frisbee and whatever else. I'm excited to be working with him! 

Uh...I haven't taken any pictures this week. I'll try to send on with him next week!

Love you!

Mission Leadership Council and District Leader Training. We have outstanding leaders in our mission!!

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