Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

This has been one of the, if not the most, miraculous weeks on my mission. Using a plan called "operation goldmine" that we learned about from President Sonksen, we have been using the phone to contact all of the contacts in the phone. We have five new investigators this week with lots of potential. One of them came to district conference yesterday. His name is Brother Lee, and he is just amazing. When we first sat down last week, I was on exchanges with Elder Hipps from Donghae. He talked about how he had received strength in his life from reading the Bible, and how he had also decided to quit smoking and drinking on his own a while back. He just has desires for righteousness. In two days, he read over 100 pages of the Book of Mormon and is still going. He accepted a baptismal date and said he would study and pray diligently to know and be ready for it. There isn't any question in my mind that it was not me that was able to do this. A mere phone call and a couple meetings couldn't have prepared his heart and mind to accept the Gospel. But the Lord has been inspiring him to make changes in his life, and I am so glad that I get to meet him now. 

There's been a lot happening this week, and we have lots of great people to work with. As a zone, we are writing down a miracle per day in our planners to have more gratitude, but there have been so many more. From that gratitude, I want to increase my effort to give all each day to help them progress a little more and find more people constantly!

Elder Crisp

So glad I was able to see you! Wish I could see Nichole's graduation. I think I need to take more pictures...I try to do that with people I meet!

Love you too!

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