Thursday, May 11, 2017

Operation Goldmine

So, President Sonksen has introduced something new called "Operation Goldmine." Basically, every phone that missionaries use has over 1000, 2000, or even 3000 numbers in it that have built up over the years. We were trained on a way to organize them into groups, and then start texting them! We can only send 20 messages at a time, but the effect has been enourmous! Just this week, by texting people in the phone something like, "Hello! My name is Elder Crisp and I'm a missionary serving near you. A while ago you may have met missionaries or learned English from us. Although those missionaries have moved, if you have interest in meeting with us again or in learning English, please let us know," we've found several people who have agreed to meet again, including a less active. It's a little funny, because inevitably other missionaries, members, and even President Sonksen ends up getting these texts, but its been super effective! It also cleans up the phone.

Sister Huang came to church yesterday! Her baptismal should be coming up in a couple weeks, so we are excited for her. Brother Ho, our investigator with a baptismal date, also came, though he had to leave early because of work. He said his work schedule is to busy this month to meet for lessons, but fortunately the time he has available allows him to come to church. So, we'll keep teaching him then. 

This week I've been impressed by The Living Christ, which president also gave a training on. It was a really spiritual experience, and I felt powerfully how important is to really see Christ as a person, not as a principle or doctrine. Knowing that He lives means that we have someone to rely on. It means we can trust him, and that he will respond when we reach out to him. It means that there is one who understands and loves us perfectly, and that by Him we find strength and direction. The document The Living Christ declare boldly who He is, and I've felt a lot of strength, which has come by the Holy Ghost, as I've kept him in my thoughts. Words far beyond my own come with the power to change hearts when they come from Him. I've seen this this week, and it is something I'll never forget! 

Elder Crisp

​p-day on the beach. Me, Elder McKinnon, Elder Paulsen (my companion), Elder Summers

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